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Interactive Voice Response (IVR)


Interactive Voice Response or IVR systems hugely reduce customer call handling costs, and can be introduced into your company environment in a number of ways. The most basic IVR systems simply allow you to record a message that is played when a customer presses the appropriate number on the phone keypad

SyncTech Solutions team can design, install and support a complete IVR package based on Asterisk software technology that is suitable for both analogue and digital phone lines, and tailored to your own individual company requirements.

Our team of IVR consultants will work with you to determine your exact IVR needs, develop and test aspects such as: call flow, application parameters, data and call routing, and security measures that are built in to encrypt data


  • Play back and recording of audio in multiple formats including HD formats
  • DTMF detection and collection
  • ODBC database access
  • Web service access
  • LDAP data access
  • Calendaring data access
  • Speech synthesis and recognition
  • Branching and logic operations
  • Integration with IP PBX and Call Center Suite


  • Reduce Human Recourse and related cost drastically
  • Extend your office automation to your caller/customer
  • Attend calls at the first ring
  • Increase productivity
  • Answer calls 24/7 via IVR
  • Easy access to the specific department
  • Allows caller for self-service without having to wait for a human agent
  • Saves customers yours and customers time
  • Handle huge number of calls at a time without engaging your employees
  • Maximum information can be provided
  • Improve customer interactions by providing 24 hours access to automated services