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How to Search Like a Boss Using the Google Tips and Tricks

As we have reached the mid of the year 2019, but still several users have no idea but about the advanced search which can be done with some adjustments via Google. Perhaps, Google’s search capabilities do not limit the ideas and concepts as they have flexible search engines along with the necessary language systems. These simple Google search tips on this site can help you to analyze and advance your search in an effective manner. As far as the tips are concerned, you need to have the focus to limit your search to more precise results. By understanding some common tips of Google search – you can naturally improve your search game.

Quotes and Questions

Do you know that the double quote marks can help you to have the specific results? Google will only display those sections which you enter them by making use of the quotation marks. For instance, if you ask about the relationship between the product and brand images then you will have several options. However, if you quote the question “How can the brand images impact the product” then you will get a more appropriate match. Let’s say you type “Hosted call center solution provider”, the following results you will get.

Asterisks and Minus Sign

Here’s a simple trick: if you place the quotes with an asterisk, then all the variants of that statement can be searched. This feature is useful if you try to find a song but cannot remember the entire lyrics. Do you know that a minus sign can be useful if you like to eliminate the results that contain a specific word or website?  You can simply use the minus sign for better search results.

View on an exact website

Looking for something to search on any particular website then place a “site:” on the website or in front of the domain. This can open every section of the particular website by mentioning the words or phrases you write.

Manage the time or Era

Google Search allows you to identify a period for the search results. Once you have started your work, click on “tools” so a menu will be displayed thus now you can set the corresponding time.

Comparisons and Type of Specific file

When we talk about the comparisons of two different things, Google search can let you search for them easily. If you compare two types of food, Google can let you know the differences in terms of the fats, proteins, calories and much more. On the other hand, any specific file can be searched out by simply using the modifier filetype.

Looking for some specific Images?

Have you seen a photo that may look similar to you? If the user downloads the image and then use the Google Images then the similar picture can be seen.

Weather Hunt

Through the help of the Weather Channel, you can have the display of an interactive map of the weather. When searching for “weather”, the info card is requested by default to determine your IP address.

Unit Conversions and Google Define

Several currency conversions can be done through the help of Google. Most importantly, Google can be used to search for different explanations and definitions. Have you found a word that you might not understand? Just enter the work on Google and you will have many definitions – it will save your time. We not only use it for explanations but also offer you a huge variety of vocabulary, grammar, explanations, and definitions.

Let’s Calculate

With Google, the users can not only solve the simple math quizzes but they can also evaluate anything and convert the data. This feature can help you with the conversions and complications of mathematics. Google calculator can also help you to type the equation by using the provided keyboard.

Flights and shipments

Google always cares about you so they have added the options of package tracking. Enter “My Package” and this can help the users to know about their Amazon or other packages or shipments by using the tracking numbers. Most importantly, Google can show a map with updated flight times and terminals data if you enter your flight number also you can visit the Google Flights to find the cheapest trips online.

Spelling Systems and Phone Log

Google has a huge catalog which allows you to look for a phone number. Not only this, but Google can let you search the spellings of different words.

Flight status and time management

When you enter the airline and aircraft numbers in Google, you will see information about flights, status, and other useful information.

Language Search

Do you want to know about any language, a new word, a pronunciation? You need to simply click on the small microphone in order to perform a voice search in your computer’s browser. This “OK, Google” trigger is more instinctive on the mobile devices, hence they work better. However, it is only compatible with the browser at Chrome.

Final Thoughts

We believe that our above tips would be quite beneficial for you, in the future. In short, Google has associated its various products with search engines or else one has to separately access the maps, translators and other Google features for their use.